We lost countless number of lives in the earthquake on 12th and 29th Baishak. May all of the departed souls rest in peace. We are born bearing an inevitable truth i.e. Death and there is no running away from it. That is the reason why, to wait for earthquake, is not an smart decision instead let’s unite together to help and built our country Nepal. Whatever the situation is, it’s a correct time to show our love, work and dedication towards our nation just like our forefather did and remember if we will not, then nobody will because “Thachaina bholi k hola marincha bachincha Dui dinay chola ma”.

Vocal : Gita Tamang
Rhythem : Sabita Tamang
Lead : Sushma Ghalan
Bass : Sisam Rai
Drums : Sangdoma Sherpa
Manager : Sanjay Gurung

Audio/Video : Jigme Media
Location : Jamshala. Chabahil


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